Drywall Repair and Patch between 7" - 12"

$280.99 USD


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  • Repairing up to 4 drywall holes that are no larger than 12" x 12"

In Addition:

  •   A second visit, a day after the first, may be required for adequate patch drying time followed by sanding

  •   Typical Installation Time: 1” - 12” holes is up to 4 hours

  •   Service is for Drywall Only

  •   Painting the patch is NOT included in the estimate

  •   Items requiring additional work may result in an updated estimate

  •   There are a variety of ways to repair or patch drywall, depending on the size of the hole and type of walls you have. This service is for homes with drywall only. The technician will use sparkling to fix the smallest holes, and then let it dry, with a brief sanding to finish the job.

  •   Larger holes, however, need to be patched, and typically require at least 2 coats of joint compound - with drying time between - over the patch. The final step is sanding the area to smooth it for painting.

  •   Service Locations available within 30 miles of Pittsburgh, PA (15213 zip code area

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